Annual Men's Kink Retreat in California

Play Parties

Sept 16 Play party – Proudly Sponsored by SquarePeg Toys!

GearUp hosts play parties for our community throughout the year to provide a friendly erotic space where kinky men can socialize with, learn from, and play with other men. GearUp welcomes all men 18 years of age and older, including trans men, of any level of experience.


Location: Catalyst, 1060 Folsom Street (look for the red and black door), San Francisco, CA 94103.

Opening hours: Doors 8PM until midnight, play until 1AM

Admission: $20, CASH ONLY!


The play party includes refreshments, a social area for socializing and relaxing, and a dungeon fully equipped for many types of play with slings, crosses, watersports area, sex/bondage bed, and more. Safety and cleaning supplies, including condoms, lube, and gloves, are always provided. Our parties include both sexual and non-sexual play; we encourage everyone to play however you are comfortable.

There is no dress code for GearUp play parties; you can come in any gear you like or just jeans and a t-shirt. Lockers and a free clothes check are available.

2017 Party Schedule:

16 September – sponsored by SquarePeg Toys!
11 November


Dungeon Etiquette and Rules

If it’s your first time at a play party, ask one of the GearUp Hosts for an introduction to the dungeon and dungeon etiquette.  Most dungeons have very similar guidelines and rules.

GearUp Hosts and Officers can be identified by t-shirts that say “GearUp Command.”  We are here to make sure you have fun, so don’t hesitate to approach us!


  • The Dungeon Monitor wears a fluorescent safety vest or orange bandanna. He is there to ensure the safe and courteous use of the dungeon for all participants. His rule is law, and failure to heed his direction may be grounds for ejection from the dungeon or the party itself.
  • Don’t use equipment until you know how to use it correctly (ask a GearUp Host or Officer if you’re curious about something)
  • Sanitize the equipment after you use it
  • Absolutely no photography or mobile phone use in the dungeon
  • Be aware of scenes going on around you to avoid accidents
  • Ask a Host or Officer before starting a scene that may be especially loud or disruptive (stun guns, interrogation, etc.)
  • Respect scenes in progress:
    • Keep your voice down
    • Step out to the social area to have a conversation
    • Do not try to join a scene or touch anyone in a scene unless invited
    • If you notice a problem, do not interrupt the scene.  Alert a Host or Officer immediately.
  • Wet play (watersports, enema play, food, etc.) is not permitted in the main dungeon. There is a wet room available for these activities.
  • A shower shot is available for touch-ups only (not full douching).  Bring your own tip.
  • Never hesitate to ask a GearUp Host or Officer about anything if you’re unsure!
  • People visibly intoxicated or under the influence will not be admitted
  • Respect limits, safewords, and use appropriate safety precautions
  • Always negotiate the scene with your partner in advance, including safer sex practices
  • The emergency safeword is “safeword”.  Saying this loudly is considered an urgent call for help from outside the scene.

Safer Sex Policy

GearUp strongly encourages everyone to use condoms, gloves, and other barriers appropriately regardless of HIV status.

However, GearUp does not monitor or enforce safer sex practices.  Always negotiate safer sex practices with your partner before playing.

Why doesn’t GearUp enforce condom use?

A safer-sex-only rule does not guarantee that everyone will use condoms (and use them correctly) 100% of the time.  Monitoring scenes for condom use can also be intrusive and disruptive.

We encourage everyone to be responsible for their own sexual safety and to be fully informed of the risks of different activities.  The dungeon monitor and the GearUp hosts are available to answer questions about the risks of different types of play and to monitor your scene for safer sex practices if requested.

Remember, the best way to reduce your risk is to negotiate with your partner directly and play only with those you trust.