Annual Men's Kink Retreat in California

About GearUp

GearUp is a primarily San Francisco Bay Area based group of gay male kinksters and fetish enthusiasts centered around our annual retreat, GearUp Weekend. GearUp Weekend is an retreat that happens annually in Saratoga Springs California where the next generation of kinky/kink-curious guys and leathermen can socialize with, learn from, and play with other men of all ages in a safe and friendly environment. We also host regular events and play parties throughout the year.

Our goal is to provide education and community in the San Francisco Bay Area that welcomes all men, including trans men, of all levels of experience.

We use “Leathermen” to mean all kinks and fetishes! At GearUp Weekend you’ll find guys into all kinds of gear (such as leather, rubber, sports gear, uniforms, spandex, underwear) and all kinds of kinky activities – domination and submission, fisting, pup play, watersports, chastity, roleplay, and more.

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For up-to-date information about events, keep reading or join our Facebook Group. You will need to answer a few basic questions to join. We generally approve new members within a day or so.

GearUp Weekend Retreat 2021

The GearUp Weekend committee, with great sadness, is announcing that GearUp Weekend 2021 is canceled.

Although we had hoped, as everyone had, that we would be well past the coronavirus pandemic by now, it continues. Despite growing optimism that its end is near, there is still uncertainty about when a meaningful majority of the population will be vaccinated, and what effect virus mutations will have on the prospects for further surges. In light of all this, the GearUp Weekend committee is announcing that GearUp Weekend 2021, which was set for July 8-11, has been canceled.

But our hopes are very high for 2022. Though details still have to be finalized, we expect the event to happen at its traditional time in July. We’ll announce the new dates as soon as they’re confirmed. Existing reservations held over from 2020 will be refunded; details on that will be sent out soon.

We do believe we are closer to the end of the pandemic than the beginning and are excited that people are getting vaccinated and more vaccines are on their way to availability. But it remains very doubtful that by this July an event of the kind that GearUp is will be safely possible, and our concern for the health of our community must come before our eagerness to get together again. This past year has been a hard time, and more challenges are to come, but we look forward to a great celebration once we’re through it. We hope you will be able to join us.

About the Committee

GearUp events are organized and run by a committee of volunteers on a non-profit basis. All committee meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. For information on meetings just email us at